2002 Toyota RAV4 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2002 Toyota RAV4

2002 Toyota RAV4 Problems

Check Engine Light on Due to EVAP Vapor Canister Fault

The Evaporative system may have problems with the vapor canister releasing charcoal pellets that plug the vent valve. Typically a Code P0441, P0442 and P0446 will be set. The key code is the P0446 which is a vent valve electrical failure. The proper repair is to replace the entire canister with all the valves as a unit. This is located on top of the fuel tank and is expensive. Our Technicians tell us that for awhile Toyota was covering these problems, but this may have changed. It would not hurt to call the dealer if this problem occurs to see if Toyota is still helping with these repairs.

Software update to correct false catalytic converter failure

Toyota released a software update to fix a problem that caused the Check Engine Light to come on. Before the update, the computer would report a problem with the catalytic converter when there wasn't one.

Car won't start due to worn/corroded solenoid contacts in starter
If the car will not start, the most likely problem is worn or corroded solenoid contacts in the starter. Usually, these parts can be replaced without purchasing a new starter.

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2002 Toyota RAV4 Reviews

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I just installed an HID 35 watt xenon 6000k white kit. I had to fiddle with the 3 prong it came with because it was not set up the right schematic. Once I figured that out and the HIDs worked, my fog light seem to stop working. Here's the kicker, once I plugged my stock bulb again. Fog lights worked, not when the HIDs are plugged in. Is it because I still have the wrong schematic set-up? Or...
So you mentioned that you're tail lights turns on but no when breaking. I think it is because you have the wrong bulb in the tail like section. The tail light is a parking light (tail light) and brake light combination. The bulb I got is covered blue bulb color with a pair of wires in there one for tail (when parking light is switched on) and for when brake is applied. Did it help? Or you figur...
I purchased the car new in 2002, has been good to me for the most part. I delt with a transmission issue aroun 80,000-85,000 miles, it is a computer issue with the auto transmission. I am now about 120,000-125,000 miles and have just discovered an issue with my break lights. My tail lights and directionals turn on fine with the lights, but when breaking, my lights do not work. It does not seem ...

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