2002 Toyota Land Cruiser Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser

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2002 Toyota Land Cruiser Problems

Failed Electrical Junction Block May Cause Power Windows and Mirrors to Stop Working

The power windows and mirrors stop working because of a problem with an electrical junction block—where power from the battery is distributed to that system.

Check Engine Light Due to EVAP System Fault

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an evaporative emission (EVAP) system fault. Our technicians tell us these EVAP system faults can be difficult to diagnose but it is not uncommon to find a failed charcoal canister or a loose or worn gas cap.

Idle air control motors may become carboned up at 100,000 miles
The idle air control motors tend to become carboned up at around 100,000 miles and can cause a start and stall and/or stalling at stop sign problems. Our technicians tell us that many times these motors can be cleaned, however, the sure bet is to replace the idle air control motor and clean the throttle body.

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2002 Toyota Land Cruiser Questions

Yowling noise: They say it's the alternator-would the alternator actually be responsible for such a loud yowling? Do you think they really replaced the power steering pump? (1 answer)

Yowling noise: took to dealer because had power steering leak, yowling noise and some new vibration under drivers side floor board. Dealer replaced pump, rack, wheel bearings, CV boots and the power steering pump is still making a failing noise and the yowling is still there...and getting worse. ...

car shakes, engine stops, A/C malfunction (1 answer)

Car model: TOYOTA ALPHARD-V 2004 2400cc

When, what type, how much hi mile Castrol transmission fluid should I replace? (1 answer)

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2002 Toyota Land Cruiser Reviews

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Original owner, all we have ever done is oil change and routine service requirements.Getting ready for the 120 K service. The money you put out in the beginning will amoratize over the long haul. Plan to keep it to at least 200K. Will always drive LC from now on. Only issues are fading of internal wood trim due to hot sun and no garage! Did I mention she travels on 7 miles of gravel road an...

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