2013 Toyota Highlander Repair and Maintenance

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Toyota Highlander
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2013 Toyota Highlander
$135 to $268
2013 Toyota Highlander
$347 to $826
2013 Toyota Highlander
$50 to $103
2013 Toyota Highlander
$138 to $268
2013 Toyota Highlander
$50 to $108

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oil leaking on ground. At first the dealership did not know what was wrong, so they put a dye in to trace to source of the leak. Found that timing cover needed reselling. Car has 30,000 miles.. All covered under warranty but I am trying to decide if I should trade it in. Due the extensive nature of the work I am concerned about the proper repair of the vehicle. Will this effect the lifespan ? Any feedback is appreciated

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When positioned in the forward front or second position, the left hand second row seat may not lock into place securely. Dealers will modify the second row left hand seat so that it will lock into the seat track free of charge to resolve the problem.

Vehicles have a tire size/weight rating label to inform owners of the carrying capacity of their vehicle. These models are being recalled because the incorrect vehicle weight rating is shown on the information label. This could result in vehicle and tire overloading, increasing the risk of tire failure. Owners will be provided an updated vehicle weight label to correct this concern.

Vehicles that have had accessories added to the seats such as seat heaters, seat covers or DVD headrests may not have the occupant sensor system of the passenger seat calibrated properly. This can affect passenger air bag operation in a crash. Dealers will test the sensitivity of the occupant detection sensors and recalibrate them as necessary free of charge to resolve the concern.

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just jacked up the car to fix a slow leak in the tire.after i fixed it the engine light came on as well as trac light then i lost my cruise control. is this the begining of a lemon ????

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