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2014 Toyota Corolla
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2014 Toyota Corolla
$138 to $306
2014 Toyota Corolla
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2014 Toyota Corolla
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2014 Toyota Corolla
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water pump bearings were going was replace today under warranty ...scary that a new car had a problem so soon first time ever for me with a new car.

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An electrical short can develop in the windshield wiper switch assembly. As a result, the wipers may not function as expected. If the driver's visibility is reduced the risk of a crash increases. Dealers will replace the wiper switch assembly in affected vehicles to correct this concern.

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I had a 2007 with 234K miles bought a 2014 LE Eco Plus love this more sportier car has all new bells and whistles. CVT is perfect in city driving gets excellent fuel economy throughout city/highway it is a awesome car love navigation, heated seats, blue tooth, and rear view camera fits in a better value one of a kind.

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