2002 Toyota Corolla Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2002 Toyota Corolla

2002 Toyota Corolla Problems

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an evaporative emission (EVAP) system fault. Our technicians tell us these EVAP system faults can be difficult to diagnose but it is not uncommon to find a failed charcoal canister or a loose or worn gas cap.

The mass air flow sensor on higher mileage cars occasionally needs to be cleaned or replaced if sluggish acceleration is experienced or the Check Engine Light is illuminated with a mass air flow meter sensor fault code stored.

There are occasional reports of daytime running light problems.

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2002 Toyota Corolla Questions

Head lights off. Keyes out of ignition. (Switch on master brake cylinder?)continuous problem

Pulled radiator, and thermostat. A lot of oil came out from thermostat. Again no coolant in oil. Any ideas?

Must wait 15 - 20 minutes cooldown to start

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2002 Toyota Corolla Recalls

Airbags use a chemical reaction contained in an inflator module to create the pressure necessary to inflate the bags when deployment is required. These vehicles are being recalled because the front passenger airbag inflator may produce excessive internal pressure when deployed. As a result, the inflator module could rupture, causing metal fragments to strike vehicle occupants. Dealers will inspect and replace any defective passenger front airbag inflator module found.


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2002 Toyota Corolla Reviews

Car works great, just surprised that nobody mentioned that their window motor died. I had it happen and a buddy who has the same car had it happen too. Besides that car gets me from A to B so no complaints.;

The one good thing I will say about my 02 Corolla is it always gets me to where I have to go. I bought it used back in 2005 with about 60,000 miles on it from a Toyota Dealership. Now, the problems; 1. Had to replace 2 struts within the first 3 months - Dealership covered that. 2. Started to burn oil at about 75,000. It now has 145,000 and I add 3-5 quarts per tank of gas! 3. Bulbs burn ...

My 2002 Corolla was a wonderful car. I loved this car! Other than routine maintenance and a few minor issues, I did not have any problems at all. It was quiet, reliable, comfy, and perfect for me. I would not have given this car up unless I had to - with 92,000 miles on it, I had planned on keeping it for a long time to come. Unfortunately and very sadly, my 2002 Corolla was t-boned on the dri...

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