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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1991 Toyota Corolla

1991 Toyota Corolla

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1991 Toyota Corolla Problems

Engine -- Verified

The engine mount on the passenger side of the car can wear out on cars with high mileage. This will put extra stress on the other mounts and the faulty mount will need to be replaced.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The EGR System tends to get restricted or blocked with carbon after 100,000- 125,000 miles which will cause an emissions test failure for NOX. If the EGR system is equipped with an EGR temperature sensor it will trigger a Check Engine Light for improper EGR flow. The repair is to clean out the EGR passages and the EGR Temperature sensor. Our technicians tell this repair is pretty straight forward and takes about 1-1.5 hours. It is al...

Drive Train -- Verified

At higher mileages, (125,000-150,000) the automatic transmission may not shift correctly. This can be caused by the throttle position sensor being out of adjustment or a shift solenoid needing to be replaced. Typically the transmission does not need to be completely overhauled.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The power steering pump and power steering hoses tend to develop leaks and require replacement.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

If the vehicle develops an annoying, clunking sound when driving over bumps it is usually the struts and strut bearing plates. These may need replacing at 100,000-125,000 miles or sooner. If the noise is a more of a squeak or groan, it can be usually be eliminated by spraying a light lubricant on the suspension bushings 1-2 times per year.

1991 Toyota Corolla Questions and Answers

smlawrencesr, 1991 Toyota Corolla, Racine, WI

Car will not start. The dashboard lights come on for the seatbelts, battery, oil, and engine when I try to turn the car on. Also there are three fuses on my positive cable on the battery and I was ...

haroldj07, 1991 Toyota Corolla, SOHC, Pomona, CA

how do i replace the exterior rear door handles on the 1991 toyota corolla

jolene415, 1991 Toyota Corolla, Novato, CA

Where can I find an exhaust manifold for a Model 4A-FE, 4 cylinder, 1.5 liter Toyota Corolla engine...don't want to pay for new and mine has a crack...will it affect the results of a smog test...

jolene415, 1991 Toyota Corolla, Novato, CA

It has passed before with the cracked manifold but since it has been sitting for 3 years do I have to replace the manifold before I do my smog test?

Netter, 1991 Toyota Corolla, 1.6L 4 Cylinder, Sunnyvale, CA

I lost the owners manual and need to know what type of oil my 1991 toyota corolla takes?

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1991 Toyota Corolla Reviews

I love my old 1991 Toyota Corolla, it looks just like the one in your picture but with loads of rust under the doors! I bought it brand new in November of 1990, the interior is in good shape & it has over 286K miles on it. I've never had anything major done on it & i intend to keep running it until it gives out, hopefully it will outlast me!!! It may look rough but its great not paying car payments! Many times i have seen cars at the side of the road, that have something wrong with them & they are a lot newer than mine!!! I love it & would love to eventually have another one!!!

idid a head job on the motor an the shimes got mix up
an i try everything

Tillie is a basic 5 door charcoal black wagon that was acquired in excellent condition for $1800 in 2002. The dome light switch lost conductivity at a brad, but I fixed it with solder. Good routine maintenance has kept it always ready excepting the trans that I killed when I changed the fluid January 23d prior to inspection. This trans MUST be professionally serviced in a shop where they can pressurize it to insure the fluid is properly distributed inside. The inspection with trans replace, major tuneup, struts and filters cost me $4,000.00. Now I basically have a like new car with warranty. Sweedens Auto Care in Duncanville, Texas is a 5 star company.

my corolla has a grinding noise when you turn the wheels all the way and when the engine and transmission is cold the transmission jumps in first then clears up i let it warm up 5 minutes what colud the problems be?

Well today i had to install a timing belt BUT the car has 300K on it and any weather -20 or 100F the car starts just as soon as you turn the key . The body is rusty but i don't take care of her at all and Michigan is salt crazy when they clean the roads. As for oil changes maybe once a year if that and i drive alot . I bought this car 10 years ago for $400 and for the last 5 have been just trying to kill it and i fret i will pass away first

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