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1990 Toyota Corolla
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1990 Toyota Corolla
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1990 Toyota Corolla
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1990 Toyota Corolla
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1990 Toyota Corolla
$309 to $584
1990 Toyota Corolla
$918 to $1,858
1990 Toyota Corolla
$935 to $1,398
1990 Toyota Corolla
$414 to $694
1990 Toyota Corolla
$382 to $1,303

If the engine will not crank over, the most common problem is the starter. These will tend to go out at about 100,00-125,000 miles. Sometimes it is only the starter solenoid, but often the complete starter (including solenoid) needs to be replaced.

At higher mileages, (125,000-150,000) the automatic transmission may not shift correctly. This can be caused by the throttle position sensor being out of adjustment or a shift solenoid needing to be replaced. Typically the transmission does not need to be completely overhauled.

The engine mount on the passenger side of the car can wear out on cars with high mileage. This will put extra stress on the other mounts and the faulty mount will need to be replaced.

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I have to accelerate to get down the hill.I have front wheel drive.

Every small bump in the road or parking lot produces a clunking sound in the front end when going slowly ( less than 25 MPH). I have changed the struts and strut bearing plates, front and mid transmission mounts, and both CV joints. The front and rear engine mounts are in good shape. Two differen...

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running when wheather hot engine loses power shut down ,when cool after 30 min. restarts runs fine than repeats replaced fuel pump dist. disp cap , rotor ,plugs , wires ,water pump

Most reliable car ever.

My 1990 toyota corolla , check engine light is on not sure what to check. I checked all fluids there fine. I want repair this problem myself just not sure where to start. Low on cash any solution would help thank you... Sarah phx,az

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