1991 Toyota Celica Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1991 Toyota Celica

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1991 Toyota Celica Problems

Power Steering Leak From Pump and/or Hose

The power steering pump and power steering hoses tend to develop leaks and require replacement.

Check Engine Light Due to Restricted EGR System

The EGR System tends to get restricted or blocked with carbon after 100,000- 125,000 miles which will cause an emissions test failure for NOX. If the EGR system is equipped with an EGR temperature sensor it will trigger a Check Engine Light for improper EGR flow. The repair is to clean out the EGR passages and the EGR Temperature sensor. Our technicians tell this repair is pretty straight forward and takes about 1-1.5 hours. It is also wise to verify the EGR system components i.e. the Transducer, EGR Valve and VSV Solenoid at this time.

no power when pressing on gas

looking for answers. I just purchasaed this car and found that when I try to accelerate quickly the engine seems to bog down. If i let up on the gas or push the pedal lightly it will slowly increase its speed. I notice the problem especially on hills when trying to accelerate up them.

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1991 Toyota Celica Questions

Why won't my car start? (1 answer)

Car wont start with just the turn of the key like it should BUT if I spray starting fluid in the throttle body and then turn the key it'll start right away and stay on and be driveable.


Where is the fuel filter location on 1992 toyota celica GT (1 answer)

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1991 Toyota Celica Reviews

On my 1991 Toyota Celcia I had to replace my fuel pump twice. First one only lasted a year and half.
I bought a 91 celica gts, and i like it, however, id love it if it ran, i drove it home the day i got it, the very next day it died, it would try to start but wouldnt hold. We replaced the fuel pump, and charged the battery, now the car wont even turn over.....any suggestions, or ideas.
Cool Car.chick Magnet!!

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