1994 Toyota Camry Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1994 Toyota Camry

1994 Toyota Camry Problems

The power steering pump and power steering hoses tend to develop leaks, particularly in the V6 models.

One or more motor mounts may wear out on cars with high mileage. This will put extra stress on the other mounts, and the faulty mount(s) should be replaced.

The valve cover gaskets have a tendency to leak oil, especially the one near the firewall.

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1994 Toyota Camry Questions

the engine light is on but the car runs great but it wont pass smog because of the light..it passed emissions with no issues

my car was towed due to dead battery and after I tried to put key in ignition to start and the key was not going in all the way so I kept trying and eventually key broke off while in ignition. it was fine before towed could towing have damaged my vehicle????

The Camry was up on a Car Stand for Nearly a Year. Overhauled the Transmission. Tranny works well, but it Guzzles Fuel Now. It runs on High Idle. What can I do to correct this.??? I had a full tank of gas when I took it to have the tranny over-hauled. It has traveled a bit over 20 miles and used ...

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1994 Toyota Camry Recalls

Toyota is recalling 1994 Camry models because the steering wheel set nut may not have been sufficiently tightened, which may cause steering vibration and looseness. The nut may eventually come off, allowing the steering wheel to separate from the steering shaft. This can lead to a loss of vehicle control, which can increase the risk of a crash. Dealers will re-tighten the steering set nut.

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1994 Toyota Camry Reviews

Hi everyone my name is chris I just bought a 94 camry for le for few hundred dollars its running and everything but when it starts up it stalls and when ir runs don't want to go when u step on gas pedal it like bogs and stuff like that it has over 200k mi on it I was told that it was the ecm but I tried to reset it and it did the same thing I don't want to dump a lot of money into being that I ...

i bought a 1994 toyota camry le. 6 cyl. i liked it very much ,until the wiring that went to the battery caught on fire. also i was in an accident and another car hit the left front of the car and the air bags didnt deploy. my daughter hit the windshield at this time and had a concussion at this time. the car was totaled at this time. never bought another toyota after that. they are also col...

I have a 1994 toyota camry shes still running great the only problem is i have a sun roof and it has started to leak when it rains hard or for many days. I was told the dealership would screw me and I dont no where to go. I got her brand new so I know her history. would like a new one but can't see that at this time. She has way under two hundred thousand miles. Shes my baby.

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