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2012 Toyota 4Runner

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2012 Toyota 4Runner Questions and Answers

bails, 2012 Toyota 4Runner, Salem, NH

inside ngt as warm as my 2007 4 runner

Sandy333, 2012 Toyota 4Runner, Minneapolis, MN

The radio and lights blinked off and then back on when brakes were pressed to slow down. Going about 65 mph. Another time radio turned off when came to stop sign.

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2012 Toyota 4Runner Reviews

I've had my 2010 4runner since new and never had any issues except for a blown speaker at 5000 miles. To the author of the post with the 2012 4runner who was complaining about the recirculating air. Just hold down that button for about 5 seconds and it will stay on till you turn the car off or press it again. This will keep outside air from following into the car, regardless of hot or cold.

This is specifically about the Heating/AC System. In cold weather, it will not stay in the recirculating mode. It cuts out after about three minutes. Thus, outside air is sucked in. This may not be a problem for many people, but for those of us adversely affected by exhaust fumes, it borders on life threatening, especially when caught in heavy stop and go drive time traffic. I have talked to two dealership service managers and both told me there is nothing they can do about it. I hope somebody who matters reads this post.

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