2007 Suzuki XL-7 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2007 Suzuki XL-7

2007 Suzuki XL-7 Problems

A Rattling Type Noise May be Heard from the Front of the Engine

An abnormal noise from the timing chain area is likely due to a failed timing chain tensioner. This condition is generally caused by lack of oil to the timing chain guides and the guides will need replacement. 

The check engine light can illuminate and set a P0008 trouble code when this issue occurs. This is due to the Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors detecting that the engine timing is out of specification. 

Ticking Type Noise From Engine After Cold Start

A icking type noise may be noted when starting the engine cold. This is commonly caused by bleed down of the hydraulic valve lifters. Our technicians recommend to make sure the engine oil is clean and at the correct level, then run the engine for 20 minutes at 2,000 rpm. If this does not correct the fault the valve lifters should be replaced.

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2007 Suzuki XL-7 Questions

Intermitent noise and car jerks. (1 answer)

The sound or drop in engine rpms doesn't happen on idle only under load. The noise sounds like a muffled grinding, maybe, but when it on the cars jerks really bad and revs drop low. If I release the gas pedal it stops and the car just cruises. I changed the spark plugged and the air intake, n...

gas gauge is not reading right (1 answer)

gas gauge needle goes pass full

tire pressure light is on. (1 answer)

tire pressure light is on. Right rear tire and left front.

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2007 Suzuki XL-7 Recalls

Potential Fuel Leak

One of the fuel line connections at the fuel pump module can crack, and if this were to occur, a fuel leak would develop from the fuel tank area. Any fuel leak always increases the risk of a fire. Because of this, Xl-7 models first sold or currently registered in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas are being recalled. Dealers will replace the fuel pump module to correct this concern.

Windshield Improperly Mounted

The windshield may have been installed improperly from the factory. This creates a higher risk for occupant injury in a crash. Dealers will inspect all vehicle glass and replace any glass that was improperly installed free of charge to correct the problem.

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2007 Suzuki XL-7 Reviews

based on 5 customer reviews
Bought this car brand new! have had to have the timing chain repaired 4 seperate times! Just had a new power steering pump installed! brakes replaced 3 times!!....Wish I never bought it!!
I too had the squealing in the steering that started at 40,000 miles up to 70,000. Suzuki could never determine what the problem was. I was told all sorts of things such as an air back pin was the noise, lol. Luckily it cost me only a $100 vs $1200 for repair with an extended warranty. They replaced the steering mechanism gearbox. I now have 90,000 miles on mine and they just replaced both fro...
I have same problem with power steering making noise. I don't know how much tis cost,but seem like around thousand dollar. I dont know why suzuki doesn't recall back. alot of suzuki xl7 2007 have power steering noise. hope to hear from suzuki or some one else commone. I will trade my suzuki for other car rather then suzuki if they don't fix the power steering or recall it.

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