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2002 Suzuki Vitara

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2002 Suzuki Vitara Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

An oil leak may develop form the right front axle seal. Our technicians tell us a revised axle seal is available to correct this concern.

2002 Suzuki Vitara Questions and Answers

Harryl, 2002 Suzuki Vitara, SOHC, Post Falls, ID

where and how to replace

Dave Yourch, 2002 Suzuki Vitara, Carolina, PR

Car runs fine 25mph and above - getting 23 to 25 mpg. When I get into stop & go traffic 20mph or below for about 15 to 20 minutes the engine starts to run on 2 cylinders and then dies. Let it s...

nefetete1, 2002 Suzuki Vitara, Covington, LA

had to remove the battery for an hour. had to replace the homonic balance pulley.

Peluche103, 2002 Suzuki Vitara, 1.6L 4 Cylinder, Jacksonville, FL

whil tying to replace the light bulb I think some pieces broke from the old light bulb. Now the new bulb will not fit or light up. What can i do?

naviedad, 2002 Suzuki Vitara, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Myrtle Creek, OR

can i do this at home in my driveway or do i have to take it to the shop

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2002 Suzuki Vitara Reviews

I purchased my 2002 suzuki Vitara abd I have never had any problem with this truck. I taken it to the shop to repair defrost in which it was under warranty. I have kept my oil change and put a set of tires on.

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