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2004 Scion xA

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2004 Scion xA Problems

Engine -- Verified

An illuminated Check Engine Light could be caused by a defective VVT-i controller, which changes cam timing for optimal power.  Updated parts are available and the repair may be covered under the powertrain warranty.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

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The AC evaporator drain hose may become dislodged and cause a water leak on the passenger floor.

Brakes -- Verified

When backing up and applying the brakes, you may hear a squeaking noise. Scion engineers addressed this problem by modifying the shape of the brake pad and the anti-squeal shims; they also applied more grease during assembly.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Air conditioning that doesn't blow cold enough could indicate the need for adjusting the cable for the temperature blend door.

Brakes -- Verified

Our technicians recommend replacing the shim kits when replacing the brake pads.

2004 Scion xA Recalls (Recent)

Drive Train, February 13, 2007

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Certain Scion vehicles sold from Gulf States Toyota and Southeast Toyota with Rostra cruise control may have a problem where the cruise control does not release the throttle the first time the on/off switch is pressed. If the throttle is not released when needed, a crash could occur. The vehicle manufacturers will notify owners and replace the cruise control free of charge. Rostra will notify purchasers of the aftermarket cruise controls and replace the units free of charge. The recall began February 13, 2007.

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2004 Scion xA Questions and Answers

Gracie2557, 2004 Scion xA, Tempe, AZ

My CD keeps freezing and saying ERROR 4 what does this mean? I have used a CD Cleaning Disc and I am playing the proper CD's it happens even with brand new CD's and when the ERROR 4 comes...

Gracie2557, 2004 Scion xA, Tempe, AZ

My brand new CD's get stuck in the player and the screen says ERROR 4. I have cleaned the player with a CD Cleaner Disc and when I shut down the player and use it another day it is fine. I kn...

DDE, 2004 Scion xA, Orlando, FL

I just got an estimate to replace the Blower Motor on my 04 Scion xA and was quoted $1100, but the estimator tool on RepairPal is suggesting a range of 178-205. It suggests a labor price of 49-62....

mamasusan, 2004 Scion xA, Novato, CA

Is it expected that, in addition to the regular service, I would need my brake fluid flushed (says there is H20 in my brake fluid) a new cabin filter and a belt replacement? The special price weeke...

Visitor, 2004 Scion xA, Greensboro, NC

Has anyone had an issue filling the gas tank? This weekend I stopped to fill up and the gas nozzle kept cuttting off like the tank was full

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2004 Scion xA Reviews

ive had my 2006 since new. i dont drive it often, but it has 32000 miles on it as of 2013. NO problems. I do all the maintenance myself, switched to synth after the first few changes (that were with regular oil to help it break in). Its needed absolutely NOTHING.

With some research at scionlife, i was able to upgrade the stereo to another OEM unit that plays music off a thumbdrive. im defintely a happy camper and toyota devotee for the foreseeable future

Have 37000 miles. When I shift into reverse and start backing up, I sometimes hear a grinding noise. Another problem I have is when I'm driving straight I suddenly feel the car taking a quick veer to the right which I quickly straighten out. Any ideas on this? I'm afraid I have a huge repair bill coming.

I have owned my Scion xA for 6 years now and have 135,000 miles on it. One front damage from a fightdog that ran into the car while heading to work. It now needs a new time chain now and it clatter when you excellerate the engine Toyota will charge $1500.00 to do the repairs and give a one year 12,000 mile warranty when done.I will never trust USAA or there recommended repair shops for over looking this kind of damage to include a alternater that went bad a week after it was suppose to be completely repaired in Savannah, GA.

Has been a great car!

It currently has over 95,000 miles... No real issues with it.

I bought this new in march of 2004. It has 171000 miles now and still runs great. No mechanical problems whatsoever. I have hit a couple of deer and had to get some body work. This is my first import car and it has and still is serving me well.

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