2004 Saturn Vue Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Saturn Vue

2004 Saturn Vue Problems

A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate. At this time, RepairPal cannot confirm a recall for this gas cap issue.

The day time running lights (DRL) resistor may fail causing the daytime running lights to stop working. Our technicians tell us a failed resistor will require replacement.

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2004 Saturn Vue Questions

I see Everyone's answer to buy a replacement gas cap but can anyone tell me Which one is the best to buy? I need light to go away by April so It can pass Inspection in NYC thanks in advance

That's what It says when I diagnose from check engine light

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2004 Saturn Vue Recalls

On certain vehicles equipped with the 3.5L V6, the tire certification label in the driver's door frame may specify a 16-inch wheel instead of the required 17-inch wheel rim size. A service technician that only uses the label to replace a damaged wheel may try to replace it with an incorrect wheel. Owners were sent new labels with instructions on installation. The recall began December 15, 2003. The GM recall number is 03059.

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2004 Saturn Vue Reviews

2004 to 2009 all was fine, great car. New transmission in oct 2009 (~1K), another in NOV 2009, and a third in Aug 2010 (4200), then AC died, now the computer module died and it will not start. GM parts now self-distruct and they no longer cover them. GM all my life, planning now on going toyota or mazda.

102,000+ and still going strong. With the Honda V-6 Engine & the vehicles size, power leather seats, 17" tires, perfect cup holders (any size cups or glasses fit), etc. makes for a good reliable ride. It has about all the options available in 2004 except all-wheel drive. Don't need it. Plenty of cargo space options; better then the 2009. I thought I wanted a new car since there are great d...

I've had my 2004 6 Cyl saturn now for 7 years. Had the throttle body ass'y replaced three times under standard and extended warranty. The transmission still shifts bad. I'll milk it till it dies. Now the A/C is going. You try going with out A/C in the hot South Forida sun in the summer time, high humidity and 90s. Nice looks but mechanically it sucks. Worst vehicle GM ever built. They kne...

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