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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2003 Saturn Vue

2003 Saturn Vue

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2003 Saturn Vue Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate. At this time, RepairPal cannot confirm a recall for this gas cap issue.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The day time running lights (DRL) resistor may fail causing the daytime running lights to stop working. Our technicians tell us a failed resistor will require replacement.

Drive Train -- Verified

Vehicles with a 6speed automatic transmission may develop one or more of the following faults related to a broken 35R clutch wave plate inside the transmission: Illumination of the Check Engine Light with code P0716, P0776, P0717, P0777, P2714, P2715, and/or P02723, loss of reverse gear, slipping or harsh 3rd or 5th gear shift. Removal and dis-assembly of the transmission will be required to replace the broken 35R wave plate. It is al...

Engine -- Verified

The engine valve cover gaskets may develop and engine oil leak. A burning smell may be noted from the engine area if the type of leak were to occur.

Maintenance -- Verified

Brake fluid can become dirty and may cause problems in the brake system; it should be flushed every 60,000 miles.

2003 Saturn Vue Questions and Answers

alexhharley8, 2003 Saturn Vue, 4 Cylinder, Hamburg, PA

I have a 2003 saturn vue the compass on the mirror works but the temp display only shows 0c can anyone help me fix this problem

alexhharley8, 2003 Saturn Vue, 4 Cylinder, Hamburg, PA

i checked the sensor it was plugged in i did have it towed recently.any other ideas and do you know how much the sensor is to replace

rllewis, 2003 Saturn Vue, 4 Cylinder, Damascus, MD

Today when I was driving the Vue, when I was in 4th and 5th gear the engine rpms went up to between 5000 - 6000 and the speed decreased. After a few minutes there was a smell that was reminded me ...

rllewis, 2003 Saturn Vue, 4 Cylinder, Damascus, MD

Should I go ahead and replace the slave and master clutch cylinder if I am going to replace the clutch. The car has over 111,000 miles on it.

The Rohirrim, 2003 Saturn Vue, Alexandria, VA

My car runs great but the "Service Engine Soon" warnig light just came on. I'm wondering if any other Saturn Vue owners have had this problem and what they found out was the cause. ...

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2003 Saturn Vue Reviews

Love my 2003 Saturn Vue. 150,000 + miles and original clutch.

Got car slightly used in '04. Love the shape, size, milage (average 30mpg), and handling. Had minor issues and basic maintenance. Rear wiper is sluggish to work. I somehow pushed the Hazard light button all the way into the dashboard, can't even reach it to turn on. Cruise control light went out. Steering wheel creeks especially in cold weather. At 100,000 miles, am now addressing the sway bar and timing belt. All basic oil changes take at least an hour due to the difficult placement of filter and special tool needed. Aside from a few minor "quirks", I love my car.

still holding up after 125,000 miles,

I LOVE my Vue. My only issue is finding someone to repair it and the labor costs are absolutely CRAZY. 182K miles and other than my valve cover gasket issues and funny noises, it's good!

I have 211,000 and it has been reliable. I have had a few minor repairs, but it still runs great. It does chew up tires and it is a bit noisy.

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