2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid Repair and Maintenance

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Saturn Vue Hybrid
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2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid
$593 to $739
2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid
$78 to $136
2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid
$168 to $230
2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid
$78 to $100
2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid
$153 to $221

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Took my car in after engine was making a rattling noise. It was diagnosed at a GM dealer and I was advised that the timing chain needed replacement and the estimate is about $1900. Car has 122K miles on it. Manual does not indicate that there is a need for timing belt maintenance so I'm confu...

Constant when driving, just noticed smell. Wheel is hot to touch on center.

Hybrid batteries will not stay charged. Dealer said it was the either generator or alternator that keeps these batteries charged and the cost would be $ 2400+.
What is the need for this repair and is
This cost valid?

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I have had good performance from this vehicle up to about two months ago the hybrid drive indicator light came on and shut down. The code "pia5a" indicates a battery problem. I am currently trying to locate a facility to get it repaired.

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