1996 Saturn SL2 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1996 Saturn SL2

1996 Saturn SL2 Problems

Front brake rotors can wear causing a pulsation felt in the brake pedal. Our technicians tell us this condition is best corrected by replacement of the front rotors and brake pads.

The alternator may fail causing the charge light to illuminate. Driving with this condition will eventually cause the engine to stall due to low system voltage.

The power steering hoses commonly leak fluid. Any leaking hoses should be replaced.

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1996 Saturn SL2 Questions

Car has 245,000 miles but I have always taken good care of car. No check engine light has come on. I took it to a mechanic and he said it was bad spark plugs due to bad gas so he changed them. Car was okay for a little bit and then I had the same problem again. Took car back to mechanic and he s...

i just want to know only because when i took my car to a shop recently they told me after the fact that they have never worked on saturn's, so it was basically a waste of my money & time.

Replaced Starter. Replaced battery because it was about time for a new one. Checked fuses.Replaced CPS,Fuel pump runs when key turned.Tested spark to all spark plugs. Think it was 12.5 ohms on all injectors. Cylinders should be flooded after sensor test but L134R were completely dry. 2 being dam...

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1996 Saturn SL2 Reviews

i have a saturn and 9 years good gas milage 29mpg endurable engine except for the a/c compressor clutch.

We purchased this vehicle new in 1996 and have had absolutely no problems with it. The interior and exterior have held up. It gets about 32 mpg and is a blast to drive. We have replaced the battery twice, new tires once, brakes once in 87000 miles, but no major repairs to any component (engine,transmission,etc.) Great vehicle; other manufacturers should model themselves after Saturn.

My second is our 1996 SL2. When I bought it the engine was ill and I knew it. I swapped the engine and all was not perfect. We have had a series of issues that take time to fix. Passing emissions is the biggest headache, with many "code" issues and many hours troubleshooting piddly problems. We have replaced a drivers window motor(easy from the outside). and have many cosmetic and small issues....

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