2008 Saturn Sky Red Line Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Saturn Sky Red Line

2008 Saturn Sky Red Line
$346 to $1,008
2008 Saturn Sky Red Line
$262 to $341
2008 Saturn Sky Red Line
$92 to $122
2008 Saturn Sky Red Line
$602 to $717
2008 Saturn Sky Red Line
$94 to $124

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A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Care must be taken when opening and closing the manual convertible top. The top is prone to damage from improper use.
The fuel injection system for the 2.0L turbo engine places fuel directly into the combustion chambers. This is called "direct injection". Due to the high fuel pressure associated with this type of system a noticeable clicking noise can be heard from the fuel injectors.

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Car overheated after oil change, dealer said a completely new Fan system and air duct is required. Said they found broken air duct after starting on the fan repair. This type of costly repair is routinely needed after oil changes. My car is fantastic until I take it in for oil changes. Sometimes...

Its a 2008 sky redline it has 25000 km on it

I am trying to replace the water pump on my 2008 saturn sky redline. I know I need a water pump socket to replace it, but is there any other tool I need to complete the job? Like any kind of bracket to hold the timing chain in the correct position or anything??

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After 2-1/2 years (28K mi) I've had the front hood scoop & trunk tension bar replaced. The driver's side inside door's handle is peeling on the interior assumed from touch wear. Overall the car is great! However, as common among most American cars (though this one is actually German) the interior is too plastic. Fortunately the interior is small minimizing the amount. Handling is superb. ...

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