1991 Saturn SC Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1991 Saturn SC

1991 Saturn SC Problems

Stalling/Charge Light Illumination Due to Failed Alternator

The alternator may fail causing the charge light to illuminate. Driving with this condition will eventually cause the engine to stall due to low system voltage.

Timing Chain May Come Into Contact With Timing Cover and Make Noise

The timing chain may come into contact with the timing cover, causing noise in the engine. Replacement of worn timing chain components will be necessary to correct this concern.

Power steering hoses leak fluid and should be replaced
The power steering hoses commonly leak fluid. Any leaking hoses should be replaced.

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1991 Saturn SC Questions

The battery light. (1 answer)

I asked about the engine light earlier but it is the Battery light that is blinking, my mistake, had engine stuck in my head. Alternator?

My battery light is blinking (1 answer)

The engine light is blinking but the battery cables are attached and appear to have a clean connection. The battery is barely 2 years old, it is a 2 door automatic. Any ideas out there?

How much to replace the front oil seal, and what else should be done then? (1 answer)

Repair shop diagnosed, but doesn't do engine work. Leaks even if engine hasn't run.

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