2003 Saturn L300 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Saturn L300

2003 Saturn L300 Problems

Ignition Module or Coil May Fail Causing Engine Misfire

The ignition module or an ignition coil may fail causing the engine to misfire which can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate or begin flashing.

Valve Cover Gaskets May Leak Oil

A burning smell may develop due to an oil leak form one or both valve cover gaskets. Resealing the valve cover will generally correct this concern. However, the valve covers should be inspected and replaced if damaged.

Flush cooling system every 60,000 miles

GM recommends replacing the engine coolant at 100,000 miles; however, our technicians tell us that the coolant may become contaminated and require a complete cooling system flush every 60,000 to 70,000 miles.

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2003 Saturn L300 Questions

Anyone have code P1811 come up every few miles? (1 answer)

Bought car, owner said no problems. Wrench came on, car would jerk as it was shifting into 3rd and 4th gear.
Took to garage. Large bill, then one week later, it does the same thing. I can't keep putting a lot of money into this car when I have owned it one month. Do not drive it very much. N...

How do I take apart the front dashboard climate controlm (1 answer)

My AC is stuck on heat
The buttons are stuck

when changing the serpitine belt,pully and alternator do u need to adjust timing (1 answer)

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2003 Saturn L300 Recalls

Windshield Wipers May Fail Unexpectedly

Due to a manufacturing problem, the windshield wiper motor may stop working while in use. If this occurs in severe weather, driver visibility could be reduced, which could lead to a crash. Dealers will inspect and replace the wiper motor assembly if necessary. The recall began November 6, 2002.

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2003 Saturn L300 Reviews

bought 2003 saturn l300 with 56,000 miles replaced thermostat and 2 oygen sensors.this car runs awesome and the car now has 96k and i will be replacing the timing belt before 100k.I chnage oil every 3k miles
Bought the L300 6 cylinder new and fully loaded. Never had a new car with this much trouble. Car was nothing but problems from the first week. Dash/speedometer/odometer went out the first week. Steering column had to be repaired three times. 6 oxygen sensors replaced. A/C condensation draining into passenger floor area. Mirrors fell out of side view holders. A/C-heating temperature con...
2003 Saturn L300 I purchased my car in 2005, After purchase My car started smelling like gasoline, after numerous arguments with saturn they finally fixed my car. Here I am today car smells like gasoline again. I am checking to see if there is a recall I will never buy another Saturn ever.

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