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2008 Saturn Astra

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2008 Saturn Astra Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Maintenance -- Verified

Brake fluid can become dirty and may cause problems in the brake system; it should be flushed every 60,000 miles.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Extended life coolant may become contaminated and require cooling system service before the recommended 100,000 miles.

Engine -- Verified

Our technicians tell us that the recommended spark plug life is 100k miles. The ignition coils are mounted directly on top of the spark plugs, as a result there are not longer any spark plug wires to fail.

2008 Saturn Astra Questions and Answers

Visitor, 2008 Saturn Astra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Moreno Valley, CA

where's the oil filter located?

HisTreeNut, 2008 Saturn Astra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Weaverville, NC

I am not sure if this is an appropriate question for this site but I figured I would give it a shot. I am looking at getting a new used car. I am considering a Saturn Astra partly because...

Visitor, 2008 Saturn Astra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Utica, NY

First time this has happened. Tried unlock button. Is there another latch to open door

gregory c, 2008 Saturn Astra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Crawfordville, FL


vickiew, 2008 Saturn Astra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Midland, TX

I just bought this car, the a/c is cooling when the car is stopped, but then quits when I start moving?

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2008 Saturn Astra Reviews

I just bought a 2008 saturn. The air conditioning is acting wierd, cools when at a stop, then no cool when you go. Any answers?

A completely solid performer in all areas. Great mileage 27 city 34 highway with the automatic. Handsome and comfortable, well made and quiet on the road. Great handling and braking. Happy every time I drive it.

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