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1991 Saab 900

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1991 Saab 900 Problems

Engine -- Verified

Oil commonly leaks from the valve cover gasket requiring replacement of the gasket. Oil will be visible at the top of the engine and possibly in the center area around the spark plugs.

Engine -- Verified

Oil commonly leaks from the distributor o-ring requiring replacement of the o-ring. Oil will be visible on the front of the engine near the distributor.

Engine -- Verified

The head gasket can fail causing the coolant and oil to mix in the engine, and external leaks. Symptoms can include overheating, white smoke from the tailpipe at start-up or acceleration, and the visible presence of oil in the coolant expansion tank.

Engine -- Verified

Oil can leak from the oil pump cover seal. Oil will be visible at the bottom and rear of the engine. The seal will need to be replaced.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

If you hear knocking noises while driving over bumps, the front ball joints should be inspected. The upper and lower ball joints are known to wear.

1991 Saab 900 Questions and Answers

donkaryn, 1991 Saab 900, w/o Turbo, Detroit, MI

The car will run sometimes and sometimes it won't. I can be driving along then all of a sudden the car starts to die. Sometimes it will die all the way out, then sometimes it will start to d...

tito_tx, 1991 Saab 900, Turbo, Danbury, CT

when I drove the car in town, or when I go on the hiway the engine loose power and speedometer go back, it dosen't do this very enough, but when it happen, Ipull the car from the road and the ...

Visitor, 1991 Saab 900, West Mifflin, PA

remove transmission rebuild and re install

jamesfye, 1991 Saab 900, Maryville, TN

when i start the car it acts cold,if i reset the check engine light it runs worse i have changed the fuel filter,o2 sensor and cleaned the map sensor the plugs are good,not sure i think its vacuum ...

blueeyesb, 1991 Saab 900, Ocean View, HI

I installed new rear brake pads & adjusted the service brake evenly but after a day or two it looses its capabilaty to hold the car from rolling away even on a slite incline or decline . Is the...

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1991 Saab 900 Reviews

I have had my Saab 900 ( 1991 ) for about two years and have had a handful of issues with it. These cars seem to have a cult following behind them, everyone you see that drives one seems to nod or give a slight exchange of eye contact when in passing. Issues with the car have included--the cooling system ( i . e . hoses, thermostat, grounding sensors ) , The ignition system and alternator and more grounding issues. Considering I myself have only four years wisdom over this car I cannot complain about the small things, the 900 still drives fine, the check engine light is on, but mostly all areas have been checked for issues relating to the problem. I do nearly all of the work to the car by myself, its an alright ride though.

My experience with my Saab 900 SPG was really good. It looked and handled really good. I had the water pump fail but otherwise I had few problems before I sold it for a bigger car. I miss it!

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