2005 Saab 9-7x Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2005 Saab 9-7x

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2005 Saab 9-7x
$103 to $138
2005 Saab 9-7x
$166 to $236
2005 Saab 9-7x
$387 to $676
2005 Saab 9-7x
$457 to $588
2005 Saab 9-7x
$534 to $721

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Rear spring sensor malfunction can cause the rear suspension to sag requiring recalibration of the sensors.

The trunk module can fail causing the tailgate to malfunction when opening or closing.

The fuel level sender can malfunction causing the fuel gauge to always read at the full level.

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33,000 miles 97X ARC 5.3 Car was left for 9 months and not started. When I returned from long stay away I found a dead and a not reusable battery (1 year old). Put a new battery in and the car started fine but when I shut it off the blower motor stayed on.

rear suspension goes down after sitting for a few hours and goes up after I start the vehicle

car is dragging and making noises when I turn

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The module that operates the power window and lock switches can allow moisture in, causing corrosion that can lead to a short circuit. This results in window and lock functions not working, and creates a fire risk. Dealers will inspect and replace affected modules free of charge to resolve the concern.

Fluid may enter the driver's door module, causing corrosion that could result in a short circuit in the door module. A short circuit may cause the power door lock and power window switches to function intermittently or become inoperative. The short may also cause overheating, which could melt components of the door module, producing an odor, smoke, or a fire. Dealers will inspect the driver's door module, if it is functioning correctly, a protective coating will be applied. If the module is not functioning correctly, it will be replaced. The GM recall number is 12180.

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