1990 Porsche 944 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1990 Porsche 944

1990 Porsche 944 Problems

Suspension components require regular inspection

Suspension components (including control arms, boots, and ball joints) are critical and require regular inspection.

Timing belt inspection and adjustment
Timing belt life cannot be ascertained by inspection only. The timing belt and water pump must be maintained using the correct belt-adjustment tool. 
Aged brake fluid causing problems

Aged brake fluid can cause numerous problems and should be replaced regularly.

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1990 Porsche 944 Questions

87 944 s cooling fan stays on forever, after ignition is off kills the battery. (1 answer)

I took the existing cooling fan relay apart.check the contacts .reinstalled it.and the fan wasn't cooling after I turn the car off running hot.hopefull thinking I bought a new relay.and the problem was the same, stayed on forever and drained the battery.
Regards first Porsche.

Why is my new battery being drained while the car is not running? (1 answer)

I had a new battery installed on the 944s porsche and a week later I needed a jump start because the battery drained.

My 1986 PORSCHE has R12 can I add 134a into the system or do I need to vacuate? (1 answer)

I have guages and am mechanical inclined, do I need to evacuate the system or can I add the 134a with the R12?

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1990 Porsche 944 Reviews

This car is my favorite porsche. It is a true time capsule! These cars are for sale at as low as $2,000 for a nice one! If you are looking for a reliable daily driver porsche, get a 944!
As an affordable entry into owning a Porsche this has been a great car.Parts are pretty affordable ,a little tricky to work on.but basic stuff like brakes and oil change no problem ,if your set up.I am at 145,00 miles now , after nearly 80,000 of ownership.No real failures at all.Replaced timing belt twice as needed and replaced the water pump once.Brakes are really good , replaced pads & rotor...

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