2003 Porsche 911 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Porsche 911

2003 Porsche 911
$163 to $249
2003 Porsche 911
$203 to $264
2003 Porsche 911
$769 to $1,332
2003 Porsche 911
$163 to $249
2003 Porsche 911
$1,201 to $2,141

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A small leak in the coolant reservoir can cause persistent coolant loss. To ensure engine longevity, coolant loss and overheating issues need to be resolved. Out technicians tell us the proper coolant fill procedure must be followed when refiling the cooling system.

Smoke, oil consumption, and fuel trim issues with various fault codes can be traced to an internal leak at the oil separator.

Engine oil leaks can occur at the rear main seal and/or intermediate support cover o-ring; a revised seal is available. A careful diagnosis with proper tools is necessary to verify dimensional accuracy of the crankshaft to engine block.

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every time i put my window up it touches the top and comes straight down about half way…happened after a frosty morning. Any ideas??

I have a 2003 Porsche 911 and just starting today the key is hard to come out and when I do get it out it sais the key is still in the ignition. As well, the radio, wipers and fan were not working. I played around with the key a little and then then everything worked. Would this be the ignition s...

I accidently reversed the terminals when jump starting my car. I believe I blew the main fuse. Where is the fuse located?

Thank you!


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The front seat backs may not meet Porsche's strength standards. In the event of a crash, the seats could twist, tilting on one side to the rear. This could result in personal injury to the seat occupant. Dealers will replace the affected seats to correct this concern.

A power steering fluid leak may develop due to a loose fitting on the fluid pressure line. Fluid leakage can result in reduced steering and/or clutch assistance. If the leaking fluid were to contact hot exhaust components, it could ignite. Dealers will tighten the affected fittings to the proper specification. The Porsche recall number is A307.

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