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1999 Porsche 911

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1999 Porsche 911 Problems

Engine -- Verified

Smoke, oil consumption, and fuel trim issues with various fault codes can be traced to an internal leak at the oil separator.

Engine -- Verified

Engine oil leaks can occur at the rear main seal and/or intermediate support cover o-ring; a revised seal is available. A careful diagnosis with proper tools is necessary to verify dimensional accuracy of the crankshaft to engine block.

Engine -- Verified

A small leak in the coolant reservoir can cause persistent coolant loss. To ensure engine longevity, coolant loss and overheating issues need to be resolved. Out technicians tell us the proper coolant fill procedure must be followed when refiling the cooling system.

Engine -- Verified

Valve cover leaks are common.

Brakes -- Verified

Pay close attention to warning lights and have the brakes inspected regularly—immediately address any brake problems. Hard driving habits will cause excessive brake pad and rotor wear.

1999 Porsche 911 Recalls (Recent)

Engine, April 14, 2000


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1999 Porsche 911 Questions and Answers

aransasfarm, 1999 Porsche 911, Aransas Pass, TX

When I push on the brake pedal it seems to lock up??? If I hit them hard they don't stick but if I just push down they slam you to the dash. Checked the lines and has good vacuum. any ideas??

aransasfarm, 1999 Porsche 911, Aransas Pass, TX

I love my car but I can't take the road noise. Whats the best way ti deaden the noise? I've heard of getting it undercoated and then someone else stated to but dynamat down in the back???

Agee11, 1999 Porsche 911, Huntington Beach, CA

Let me start by saying that the volt meter in car spiked at over 16 volts. at this time lighter works, red light on radio works but nothing else. Checked all fuses all look good. Anyone have any ot...

Hurdigurdiman, 1999 Porsche 911, Ephrata, PA

When the door is open, the inside light plus the light at the bottom of that door should come on. They do not. The same on the other door. The inside light does not work via the toggle switch eithe...

Visitor, 1999 Porsche 911, Kennett Square, PA

car has 145000 miles. recently alarm malfunctioning and emitting lite on dash not appearing at all.

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1999 Porsche 911 Reviews

CLASSY AWESOME MONGREL BEAST.I have a 996 99'.electrifying in first,slingshot to the cosmos. allround charisma.
love it!


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