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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2005 Pontiac Vibe

2005 Pontiac Vibe

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2005 Pontiac Vibe Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

Brakes -- Verified

Front brake rotors can wear causing a pulsation felt in the brake pedal. Our technicians often recommend replacement of the front rotors and brake pads as the best option to correct this condition.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

The bolts attaching the front door window glass to the window regulator may come loose. This can cause the window regulator to become damaged and possibly causing the window glass to break. Some 2003 & 2004 models have been recalled for the issue.

Maintenance -- Verified

Brake fluid can become dirty and may cause problems in the brake system; it should be flushed every 60,000 miles.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Extended life coolant may become contaminated and require cooling system service before the recommended 100,000 miles.

2005 Pontiac Vibe Questions and Answers

EricG, 2005 Pontiac Vibe, San Diego, CA

Why do I get a pulsating or vibrating sensation through the steering wheel when I apply the brakes?

adisnanny, 2005 Pontiac Vibe, North Little Rock, AR

I looked in my car manual and didn't find any information about changing the timing belt/chain on my car. Should it be changed? If so, how often?

baxe, 2005 Pontiac Vibe, Harvey, AR

Has anyone had to replace this part on their Vibe? I have 84K miles on my Vibe and am looking at a $200 bill to replace this. It opens and closes the air vents.

vibegirl05, 2005 Pontiac Vibe, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have an 05 Pontiac Vibe,iI was sitting in the car with the radio on tried to start it but the car just completely shut down no lights inside at all and tried to start it but nothing. I got a jump...

Visitor, 2005 Pontiac Vibe, Brownsville, TX

How long do I have to get a routine check-up? I took my car in, had the check-up done, but I still need to complete some aspects of the work.

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2005 Pontiac Vibe Reviews

Yo compre mi pontiac vibe 2005 , tiene 190K solo tubo un problema con un modulo de la trasmicion , esto fue cuando tenia 80K costo $500, por lo demas todo muy bien, me gusta mucho , tiene mucho espacio para su tamano , lo unico que no me gusta es que cuando pasa de mas de 115 MPH , la computadora desconecta el gas , por lo demas muy bueno..

I drove the Vibe around for a month as a rental while my car was in the shop. Overall I enjoyed the vehicle which I commuted 120 miles a day in. It did seem a big weak in the power department and felt a little top heavy, so I didn't try taking any turns too fast. Besides that, it seems like a good car.

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