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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2005 Pontiac Sunfire

2005 Pontiac Sunfire

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2005 Pontiac Sunfire Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The turn signal switch in the steering column may fail causing the turn signals not to work on one or both sides.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

A door window may move slowly or stop in mid travel due to a failing power window motor. The affected window may start working again after the motor cools off. Replacing the faulty window motor will commonly correct this concern.

Brakes -- Verified

Front brake rotors can wear causing a pulsation felt in the brake pedal. Our technicians often recommend replacement of the front rotors and brake pads as the best option to correct this condition.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

Drive Train -- Verified

An automatic transmission fluid leak may develop from the rubber section of a transmission cooler line. In some cases the rubber section of hose can be replaced. In others, the complete cooler line must be replaced to correct this type of leak.

2005 Pontiac Sunfire Questions and Answers

memeg, 2005 Pontiac Sunfire, Espanola, NM

what are the steps in flushing the coolant, steering & transmission fluids?

Visitor, 2005 Pontiac Sunfire, Scenery Hill, PA

How do you adjust the parking brake

donnas929, 2005 Pontiac Sunfire, Philadelphia, PA

How much should it cost to repair instrument panel? Tachometer needle is in odometer area and odometer won't read.

hmariepugh, 2005 Pontiac Sunfire, Sikeston, MO

Which does my car have?
What is an estimate on getting it replaced?
When should I get it replaced? Currently 85000 miles
I have seen suggestions on some sites that tensioners and other items rel...

calley, 2005 Pontiac Sunfire, Austin, TX

for about 4 months my power windows have been acting funny. Sometimes they will go up. I have to press on the window button a couple of times before it will go up. Now driver side window will no...

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2005 Pontiac Sunfire Reviews

My 04 sunfire has been a very dependable car. It has cool air-conditioning, automatic. I bought it new and have done the routine maintenance on it as I should of. I always need to adjust the rear brakes manually. Great car.

I bought my 2005 Pontiac Sunfire new and have had to do very little to it besides the norm - change oil, wiper blades, new tires. Other than than I've changed 1 side marker bulb, replaced the battery and just recently replaced the thermostat. I've had this car for almost 6 years and it has been wonderful for me. It is starting to show some wear and tear in the interior - the number on my pre-set radio buttons are wearing off, the bulb that lights up to show you what gear you are in when the headlights are on has gone out, and the gas gauge doesn't work well when it's hot - but that's it (I haven't replaced these things, I can live without for now)! Nothing major at all, all small repairs.

50000, not a single problem

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