2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Problems

Stalling Due to Mass Air Flow or Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure

The mass air flow or crankshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to intermittently stall. It may be necessary for the engine to cool down before it will restart.

Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid Failure May Cause Erratic Shifting

The transmission pressure control solenoid may fail causing erratic shifting. Our technicians tell us that partial dis-assembly of the transmission is necessary to replace a failed pressure control solenoid.

Power Window Motor and Switches May Fail

One or more power windows may stop working due to a failed window motor or switch. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to determine the exact cause.

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2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Recalls

Ignition Lock Cylinder Concern

Excess weight on the key ring can cause the ignition switch to move out of the run position without warning, turning off the engine. This defect can also affect the safe operation of the airbag system. Until this recall is performed, customers should remove all items from their key rings, leaving only the ignition key. The key fob (if applicable), should also be removed from the key ring. Dealers will provide two replacement key rings and key cover on all ignition keys to correct this concern.

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2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Reviews

factory installed tires went bald in less than 17k miles. had bad seals on the rear brake lights and needed replacing at least twice. in less than 2 years had transmission problems. the car has just over 45k miles on it now and it has started eating oil like a pig.. over 1 qt / 1000 miles. the plastic plate at the inside base of the windshield cracked from florida sun. slides backwards on any i...
I have a V8 GXP and I Love It! My only issues with it is not so good mpg and it blows through brakes. Otherwise it is a very fun, fast, and nice looking car. I love how it handles and how it looks and sounds and the 18" stock wheels. This is the second Grand Prix I have owned. My first was a 97 GTP which was also quite a fun car. LONG LIVE PONTIAC!

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