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2002 Pontiac Bonneville

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2002 Pontiac Bonneville Problems

Engine -- Verified

The intake manifold gaskets can develop external engine oil or coolant leaks. The intake manifold will need to be removed and the gaskets replaced to correct this issue. In some cases the plastic intake manifold my be damaged requiring replacement.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

The mode and temperature door actuators may fail causing improper air flow or temperature output from the heating and AC (HVAC) system.

Engine -- Verified

The mass air flow or crankshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to stall intermittently. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to determine the cause of any stalling condition.

Engine -- Verified

The water pump may develop a coolant leak resulting in an engine overheating condition.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The steering may develop a clunk type noise from the upper intermediate steering shaft.  Our technicians tell us that you should check with you local GM dealer to find out what the latest repair is for this condition.

2002 Pontiac Bonneville Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., August 15, 2002


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Engine, October 17, 2003

RepairPal Expert Overview:

GM recalls certain 2002-2003 Cadillac Devillle, Seville, Oldsmobile Aurora, and Pontiac Bonneville vehicles because the fuel tank pressure sensor may fail and cause a fuel leak. In the presence of an ignition source, a fuel leak may result in a fire. Dealers will replace the fuel tank pressure sensor.

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2002 Pontiac Bonneville Questions and Answers

pjnellans, 2002 Pontiac Bonneville, 3.8L V6 Supercharged, Buckeye, AZ

On all but the driver's door, the electric windows and door locks quit working. First the back ones and then the front passenger about a month or so later. We have checked all of the fuses a...

thrill, 2002 Pontiac Bonneville, 3.8L V6, Rochester, NY

I have a 2002 Pontiac bonnevile SLE and My check engine light is on for a P1404 code. One of the pintle minimum position low limit values for the EGR pintle should be reading no lower than 0.7 and ...

Toneith09, 2002 Pontiac Bonneville, 3.8L V6, Mc Comb, OH

I got a new power steering pump and after three of them they all whined, and the third one didn't go out or anything it just whines all the time, when the car is just running, during accelerat...

Toneith09, 2002 Pontiac Bonneville, 3.8L V6, Mc Comb, OH

How do i bleed the power steering? Is what you said what i'm suppost to do or is that only if i have the hydro-boost. Which i don't know if i have or not. But i don't think so.

Toneith09, 2002 Pontiac Bonneville, 3.8L V6, Mc Comb, OH

Why is it that when i am driving my car and all windows are down and everything my car is blowing hot air through my vents. I have climate control and i will turn the a/c on the lowest position (60...

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2002 Pontiac Bonneville Reviews

Dad drove 130k in 2.5 years w/ no problems. I have had it for 5 years and 50k miles and no problems other than normal maintence.

This is my last Pontiac, I'm trading it in on a Camry. I bought Pontiac's top of the line, the Bonneville. I bought the SE version. The engine has a great sound, and the acceleration is excellent. I bought it with 22k miles on it, and in 7 years, I have it up to 58k miles on it. In that time, I've replaced 2 window motors, the intake manifold, the strut mounts, wheel bearings, and the secondary steering shaft twice, and the brakes more times than I should have had to given the age and miles.
The steering shortly after I bought it got to be creaky. It pretty much has stayed that way.
The buttons on the interior are cheap, and the paint has worn off the radio buttons. There are a couple of rattles on the interior.
The car handles great, rides very well, and has plenty of power. I like the looks, it's just typical of GM, lots of promise with poor execution.

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