2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Problems

Fuel Level Sensor Failure

It is common for the sending unit to read the fuel level incorrectly. This is due to a defective module. Our technicians recommend having the complete fuel pump and sending unit replaced because the module is currently not offered separately from the pump and sending unit.

Engine Overheating May Cause Cylinder Head to Expand

Overheating of the engine may cause the cylinder head to expand, severely straining the head bolts and damaging the threads in the engine block. This commonly results in a blown head gasket. Our technicians tell us the engine block threads must be repaired before the cylinder head is reinstalled.

"No start" Caused By Failed Fuel Pump

The fuel pump may fail causing the engine to stall and not restart.

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2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Questions

How do you repair the fuel gauge that reads incorrectly? (1 answer)

The gas arrow on the dashboard goes past F. Sometimes it goes in a circle. The arrow fluctuates. One minute it's on F and the next it's on E. I never know how much gas is in the car.

how do I replace the muffler on a welded exhaust system (2 answers)

I need to replace the mufflers on my 2002 Olds Aurora. It has a welded system. Do I also need to replace the exhaust pipe and resonator or can I just cut the old mufflers off and install new mufflers?

Carwontstart.wontcrank.replasedstarter.sendingunitis broke what should I do (2 answers)

I know the sending unit is broke cause the fuel gague is acting up but I'm wondering if it isn't electrical problems.battery is fine will the car not even crank even if the sending unit is bad bec I think the car would at least crank and not start instead of not crank at all plz help dad ...

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2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Recalls

GM Recalls 2002-2003 Vehicles Due to Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Failure

GM recalls certain 2002-2003 Cadillac Devillle, Seville, Oldsmobile Aurora, and Pontiac Bonneville vehicles because the fuel tank pressure sensor may fail and cause a fuel leak. In the presence of an ignition source, a fuel leak may result in a fire. Dealers will replace the fuel tank pressure sensor.

Air Bag Inflator May Fracture On Deployment

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2002 Oldsmobile Aurora Reviews

Dependable vehicle. I did get little work done engine misfired and smell burnt oil which got catalytic converter fixed with a new oil pump/gaskets. Transmission slips but I use Valvoline as with oil put into engine. The car reads on odometer 169,000 miles seats are comfortable very nice car looks exactly like Oldsmobile's top of the line vehicle has leather but On star wasn't available absolute...
I have the 3.5L motor in my 02 Aurora. Have 195,000 miles on the vehicle. The motor is still running great and am getting 33.1 mpg. Having nickel/dime problems recently. Electric door motors, blower motor ans cv axles. othe than these problems, love the car.
I love the body style of this car. It has 95,000 miles and I am beginning to worry about costly repairs. To date I have not had any major repairs. It is truely a luxury car in it ride and styling.

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