1998 Oldsmobile Aurora Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

1998 Oldsmobile Aurora
$288 to $357
1998 Oldsmobile Aurora
$289 to $453
1998 Oldsmobile Aurora
$93 to $118
1998 Oldsmobile Aurora
$520 to $703
1998 Oldsmobile Aurora
$2,150 to $2,863

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A failing crankshaft position sensor may cause the engine to stall intermittently.

The head light switch may fail causing erratic head light operation.

The radiator may leak from the plastic side tank area. The coolant loss could cause the engine to overheat. Our technicians warn that overheating these engines can lead to head gasket failure.

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the tensioner pulley stopped tensioning the serpentine belt now I have no power steering the water pump isn't pumping and of course everything else attached to the serpentine belt im wondering what the cost would be to repair it

code read misfire in 7 code p0307

When i put the car in drive and push on the gas pedal it feels as if the brakes are applied and car doesnt want to move and if it does it only goes so far and then its like the brakes are applied.

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i have a 1998 aurora and its the best car i could ask for it has some small problems but over all its nothing i could get too upset about to me its a high end car and you get what you pay for parts and repairs are high but if you want a nice car that wont let you down then its worth it plus you can turn heads to

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