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1994 Oldsmobile 98

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1994 Oldsmobile 98 Problems

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Problems with anti-theft systems using the raised-chip key can prevent the car from starting. The wires in the steering column to the ignition lock cylinder tend to break. The key and ignition lock cylinder should be replaced to correct this condition.

Engine -- Verified

The cam sensor interrupter (magnet) may become demagnetized and/or fall off of the camshaft gear causing the Check Engine Light (Service Engine Soon) light to illuminate. On higher mileage vehicles it would be advisable to replace the timing chain and gears if this problem were to occur as the timing cover must be removed to replace the interrupter.

Engine -- Verified

The fuel pump can fail causing the engine to stall and not restart. Our technicians highly recommend to replace your fuel filter every 30,000 miles to help prevent undue strain on the fuel pump.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

A door window may move slowly or stop in mid travel due to a failing power window motor. The affected window may start working again after the motor cools off. Replacing the faulty window motor will commonly correct this concern.

Engine -- Verified

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The mass air flow or crankshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to stall intermittently. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to determine the cause of any stalling condition.

1994 Oldsmobile 98 Recalls (Recent)

Electrical & Lights, July 27, 1994


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1994 Oldsmobile 98 Questions and Answers

Mantle, 1994 Oldsmobile 98, Hammond, IN

The car runs great for about 10 minutes or so then stalls. will not start for about 10 to 15 minutes later. Have alredy changed the fuel filter and mass air flow sensor. I almost changed the fuel p...

bert45, 1994 Oldsmobile 98, Denver, CO

I had a problem with my coolant leaking.Corrected that problem but the Low Coolant light still comes on after the car is started and runs for a minute. What else needs to be done.

bert45, 1994 Oldsmobile 98, Denver, CO

Where is the Coolant Sensor located we have tried taking the air out.

bert45, 1994 Oldsmobile 98, Denver, CO

The Radiator Coolant Sensor is the one I replaced. Is there any other Coolant Sensors.At Autozone they also had a Coolant Temperature Sensor and I don't know where to locate that one on my car...

bert45, 1994 Oldsmobile 98, Denver, CO

What is the wiring harness and where is the intake manifold. I know this sounds stupid but I am just learning this car. I have not had it long.

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1994 Oldsmobile 98 Reviews

The brake light comes on and dings. The brakes are working and there does not seem to have a problem with emergency brakes. The dinging last about 15 minutes in warm weather, but will not stop dinging in cold weather. It appears to be affected by cold weather or cold engine.

I lucked into this car. I am the third owner, bought it with 135000 miles....pretty darn good for a 15 year old car!. Everything works, seats, windows, stereo, etc. Wonderful Cadillac ride, quiet, no rattles, but a few interior squeaks now and then. The leather is wonderful, no cracks, looks two years old, not 15.
The body is in exceptional shape..no dents dings, rust etc. Everything straight and smooth. It has the usual 90's GM paint issues, peeling off plastic bumpers, clear-coat coming off, but is purely a cosmetic issue. Got it for $1200. Have put $800 for little niggliy things...power window switch, seat switch, blower motor was stuck on high, EGR replaced. Still needs new struts, but that will have to wait. I have driven this to Atlanta and back, 1300 mile round trip, and got FANTASTIC mileage...28MPG going 80MPH!!!

Car has 80,000 miles on it and it runs great! a/c and heat perfect. interior comfy. trunk big! rides smooooth!

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