2009 Nissan Sentra Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2009 Nissan Sentra

2009 Nissan Sentra
$300 to $823
2009 Nissan Sentra
$85 to $166
2009 Nissan Sentra
$312 to $645
2009 Nissan Sentra
$392 to $2,570
2009 Nissan Sentra
$133 to $271

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The engine may stall at times due to a failed crankshaft position sensor and/or camshaft position sensor, These sensors can fail intermittently as they warm with the engine. Sensors on certain models have been recalled by Nissan and will be replaced as necessary. Please visit our recall section for this model to see if your vehicle is covered by this recall.

The electronic throttle actuator (throttle body) can fail causing a loss of power and illumination of the Check Engine Light.

If the vehicle is hard to start after setting overnight, the problem could be the fuel pressure regulator has failed and is allowing the fuel pressure to bleed off. A failed fuel pressure regulator will should be replaced.

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What caused this?

When I go to start the car, it will start up and run for a second and then the rpm needle will start bouncing. When I give it gas, it makes a "bolllll" noise and eventually dies. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

looking at the top mount of the strut has 2 bolts and normally there are three on other cars and other years for the Nissan Sentra. The cover does not come off if the 2 bolts are removed. What keeps it in place.

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Nissan is recalling 2008–2010 models equipped with Garmin Nuvi 750 navigation systems because the battery may overheat, which could lead to a fire. Nissan will notify owners and Garmin technicians will replace the unit's battery and insert a spacer to prevent the problem from reoccurring. This will be performed free of charge.

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The catalytic converter fails all the time and destroys the engine. The first one the warranty fixed, cost $6000, the second one they do not want to fix with warranty and want to charge me $7000

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