1997 Nissan Pickup (D21) Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1997 Nissan Pickup (D21)

Regular maintenance is recommended to avoid timing chain failure. Rattles may develop in higher mileage vehicles. Regular oil changes will help reduce the incidence of this problem.

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The tow truck bumped me from behind on day of accident but I haven't drove it in 2 days & now it doesn't want to start

An the throttle responce sensor is unpluged but if I plug eather one of them up it goes dead an want crank back up but I can plug them up an keep poring gas in air breather it will run fine what could it be!??????

repair cost

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Awesome truck. I paid $9999 + tax (after rebates) for it brand new in April of 97. We bought 2 (my Dad and I). He had a lot of time gear issues and was in the shop 6 times before 22,000 miles. Mine has never been in and only had two issues and it now has 274,000 miles. The alternator went out right after warranty. I took it to a local alternator shop (there were no replacements in town) a...

worth the money?! paid $8.5k w/ 35k miles5.5 years ago. i now have 409,500 and the odo broke for about 11k. i still drive 400-500 miles a day in it. the first 300k was pizza delivery. never shifted below 4grand. now i am on the highway with it and the only complaint i have is 3200 rpm @ 70 mph. 27.5 mpg is great considering the mileage. its great for a truck period.

I bought my pickup used 11 years ago, with 32,000 miles on it. It ws my work truck for 10 of those years and now has 301,000 miles. Only major repair was replacing the distributer about 3 years ago. Oh, and one alternator. Great truck, no plans to sell it. It's retired from work and is now my personal vehicle.

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