1993 Nissan Pickup (D21) Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1993 Nissan Pickup (D21)

The exhaust manifold on the 3.0 liter engine often warps and cracks, breaking off the studs between the cylinder head and the exhaust manifold.   The noise may be most noticeable when the engine is cold.

Regular maintenance is recommended to avoid timing chain failure. Rattles may develop in higher mileage vehicles. Regular oil changes will help reduce the incidence of this problem.

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I replace fuel pump , filter and strainer after I tested with fuel pressure gauge I found at tune of test.. 36psi then after 5-10mins the reading would be at 33psi then shortly after itl be around 28-21 which at that time engine would idle rough.. I looked up psi for fuel pressure and found it to...

My Brake lights, and the ABS light stays on. Just started yesterday. The Front right brake got hot when driving. like it was grabbing.

I have a 93 D21, 6 Cyl, 4WD automatic that I used to drive daily, but it'd been sitting in Central Alaska for a couple years, since then.

Recently, I replaced the battery and fluids and successfully drove the truck 400+ miles to my new home with only a few issues. Specifically, I couldn&#...

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i have a 93 hardbody and everything on it is still stock and it has 245,498 miles on it and it still runs great

This truck took an amazing amount of punishment from me. I did have issues with the peeling clear coat. The manual transmission crunched in 2nd gear, and there would be a false check engine light that would come on periodically for no real reason. Other than that I was impressed with the amount of abuse the truck took and kept on going.

My 1993 D21 just turned over 244000 miles & still runs strong. Only repairs done (other than regular upkeep)replace the idler arm @ 243000 & a rusted out fuel tank. (very hard to find a "good" used tank.) The oil has been changed every 2000-3000 miles & a clutch last year. Takes a lickin' & Keeps on tickin'!

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