1991 Nissan Pickup (D21) Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1991 Nissan Pickup (D21)

1991 Nissan Pickup (D21) Problems

The exhaust manifold on the 3.0 liter engine often warps and cracks, breaking off the studs between the cylinder head and the exhaust manifold.   The noise may be most noticeable when the engine is cold.

Regular maintenance is recommended to avoid timing chain failure. Rattles may develop in higher mileage vehicles. Regular oil changes will help reduce the incidence of this problem.

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1991 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

when not in gear at rear of the transmission has a low grinding or growling sound and after shifting into gears 1, 2, 3, and 5th gear continues to make grinding noise but 4th gear sounds perfect. what coul be the cause?


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1991 Nissan Pickup (D21) Reviews

I bought my girl in 1991 with minimal repairs since. 250k and going strong. Brakes, tires, shocks and such but what a good truck. oil every 3k since I bought it. Lasted longer than my marriage.

I traded for this truck; it's a regular cab with only A/C and power steering which is all I need. So far the truck has about 225,000 and seems to run well, though it's dog ugly and has some issues (not unexpected considering it wasn't taken care of ); the rear brakes were shot and leaking fluid for months, the body is rusting all over, the interior smells like a high school gym in the south (di...

bought mine from an ebay classified ad. 1991 with 139,394 on it. came with all receipts showing the upkeep that was done by the man i bought it from, who was only the second owner. drove an hour and 15 minutes to pick it up for 700 bucks. a/c works and the body is excellent. apart from the peeling clear coat and no power steering, i have zero complaints

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