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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1993 Nissan NX

1993 Nissan NX

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1993 Nissan NX Problems

Engine -- Verified

The mass air flow (MAF) sensor can fail, causing various drivability problems. Our technicians remind us that proper diagnoses should be performed to confirm the cause of any driveability concerns.

Engine -- Verified

Excessive timing chain noise, a rattling or ticking, on higher mileage cars may lead to timing chain failure, which can cause engine damage. There are upgraded chain tension guides with a steel backing to improve durability and a modified repair procedure no longer requires the removal of the cylinder head to replace the timing chain. Maintaining proper engine oil level and frequent oil changes are important to ensure the long-term durability ...

1993 Nissan NX Questions and Answers

Eviljen, 1993 Nissan NX, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Nevada City, CA

not hayes' or chilton's. I have those. I want a Nissan certified factory manual. thanx

bearamos, 1993 Nissan NX, Modesto, CA

i just relplaced my alternator yesterday and it drove fine for two days and now its flickering again .what could be the problem?

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