2005 Nissan Maxima Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2005 Nissan Maxima

2005 Nissan Maxima Problems

Camshaft Sensors Leaking Oil Into Connector

The Camshaft position sensor can leak oil into its electrical connector causing the Check Engine light to illuminate. The engine may also stall intermittently as a result.

Leaking power steering pump can cause noise/steering problems

If the power steering pump develops leaks, it can drip onto the lower control arm bushing causing the bushing to deteriorate. A knocking noise will be heard when driving over bumps and it may become more difficult to control the vehicle.



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2005 Nissan Maxima Questions

What's wrong when all gauges on dash stop working? (1 answer)

Gas hand,speed odometer,temperature gauge,etc

What is the estimate for getting a blockage in the filler neck hose? (1 answer)

My car is rejecting gas. It spits it straight back out now my light is on saying I need gas.

Last week the O ring and seals were fixed for $414.00. It worked for 3 days. (1 answer)

Now they want to charge me $350.00 for the crimped hose that "didnt hold the seals" last week. Granted the part is $200.00+ but what about the useless repairs/labor from last week. Once again feeling SCREWED! Isn't it their fault for not discovering this LAST WEEK?

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2005 Nissan Maxima Recalls

Child Seat Anchors May Not Be in the Correct Location

The lower child seat anchors in the rear seat do not meet the location requirement as stated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, and may cause difficulty securing some child seats. If a child seat is not secured, there is an increased risk of injury in a crash. Dealers will replace the lower seat anchor brackets with modified ones. The recall began on October 17, 2005.

Nissan Recalls 2004-2006 Maximas Due to Misrouted Seat Wire Harness

Nissan has recalled 2004-2006 Maxima models equipped with the driver preferred package because the wire harness from the driver's seat power lumbar support switch may be routed incorrectly, which can cause it to pinch under the driver's seat. A pinched harness, in combination with driving vibration, may result in a short circuit in the harness that could lead to a fire in the seat. Dealers will replace the wire harness and route it correctly.

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2005 Nissan Maxima Reviews

Don't know why paint on the whole top of our car has faded. The sides are fine but, the hood, trunk and roof is horrible.We live in the south and it doesn't get that cold. Someone help me understand.
I have nissan maxima 2005sl and at 89000 miles it started transmission problem at my mechnic gave me quote for $3000 i am really disappointed with nissan car and will never buy a nissan car the company nows the problem and they are not willing to recall so please before buying a nissan think 100 times bad ====bad car
I have a 2005 Nissan Maxima with 195,000 miles and on its 4th set of tires. We purchased the car new, fully loaded and it is my 'office on wheels' and I have never been stranded yet in this car. Love this car and can't say enought about it. It was diagnosed this morning with catalytic converter problems and I'm thinking of having it repaired and keeping it. I also agree that Michelin are the b...

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