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2004 Nissan Maxima

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2004 Nissan Maxima Problems

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

The AC system may blow warm air due to refrigerant loss caused by a leaking low pressure AC hose. These hoses commonly develop a leak at the hose crimp connection.

Engine -- Verified

The external seal on the engine oil cooler can fail and create an oil leak.

Engine -- Verified

The Camshaft position sensor can leak oil into its electrical connector causing the Check Engine light to illuminate. The engine may also stall intermittently as a result.

Engine -- Verified

The engine mount on the right side can wear prematurely and cause excessive engine movement.

Engine -- Verified

The thermostat may become stuck closed, causing an overheating condition. Replacement of the thermostat will be required to correct this concern.

2004 Nissan Maxima Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., January 16, 2006

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Nissan has recalled 2004-2006 Maxima models equipped with the driver preferred package because the wire harness from the driver's seat power lumbar support switch may be routed incorrectly, which can cause it to pinch under the driver's seat. A pinched harness, in combination with driving vibration, may result in a short circuit in the harness that could lead to a fire in the seat. Dealers will replace the wire harness and route it correctly.

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Body, Interior & Misc., September 7, 2004

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Nissan has recalled 2004 Maxima models equipped with skyview roofs because the glass for the roof may not have been quenched properly after the forming process, resulting in temper imbalance. This may create excessive internal stress in the glass, which can cause the glass to shatter and possibly injure someone. Dealers will inspect and replace the glass in the skyview roof.

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2004 Nissan Maxima Questions and Answers

piercegi, 2004 Nissan Maxima, Chesapeake, VA

Why is it when brake the front end shakes?

carp45, 2004 Nissan Maxima, Jacksonville, FL

how do you remove the rear rotor to replace the lug screw

hooah_girl, 2004 Nissan Maxima, Silverdale, WA

ac just stopped working, and there is hot air coming through the vents, do you know what the problem could be?

diannadrake, 2004 Nissan Maxima, Phoenix, AZ

I need to change a break light bulb. Tech at place I took it was not sure how to do it. Please help.

mdavenport6, 2004 Nissan Maxima, Greenville, MS

i recently bought this car while it was wreck. i changed all the neeeded parts, relays, and fuse boxes. i took it to the dealers and they reprogrammed my acceleration pedal but my speed hand did no...

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2004 Nissan Maxima Reviews

Thanks for these helpful reviews. I don't own one, but was looking at buying one since my older Nissan was so reliable. Now I understand that Nissan is owned by Renault and uses Renault parts and supply chain solutions. Knowing how unreliable Renaults have been, makes me not want to come near a Nissan. Everywhere I read, people complain about how these "post-Renault" nissans become "money-pits". That's something I can live without. Thanks everyone for the heads up.

hooray nissan back in shop again lets see 9 coils 3 battery ground cables 2 batteries transmission slippage b4 and after flush complete exhaust replacement under warranty one dealership honored warr. other refused to i thought it was fed req.my brother has degree from ford i worked for chevy.ive only owned nissans try to convince my wife they are good.everyone i know thinks they are good however 2 other maximas in the neighborhood same problems contacted nissan north america no help free advertisement nissan JUNK.YOU GOT ME BASED ON YOUR PAST HISTORY.BY THE WAY KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS 2009 MAX. SAME THING JUNK JUNK JUNK

bought my msxima from enterpris in 2005 drove perfect except for the bad goodyear tires collasped on two of tire now at 151k mile all hell has broke loose brake abs system bad transmission downshifts and jerk battery keeps going down thank GOD for jump starters and after reading all these notes all problems are the same it just unfortunate that we are all in the 99percent so why not occuppy nissan for such a bad product.

2004 nissan max ti- l: i've just been to nissan dealer as my car is having many problems ie, 1-2 doors not locking occasionally, when you step on gas there is a whirling sound underneath and i suspect the transmission is also fucked up as it jerk when you are taking off, it is also bumpy on a very very short/small humps..my private mechanic changed shocks and linkage to no avail..nissan told me the problem is worn engine mounts and it will cost Aus$1500, too epensive!! also i was told that there 3 recalls to be done on mycar..this car only runs 112km...very very poor quality car, i could not blieve what a japanese car this is..i will never ever buy nissan again..my previou car is Ford Falcon and iused for 11 years until it runs 170km+ the only problem was engine leak, i sold to a friend and he is still driving with a clock of 200km+...i tried to trade in my nissan last week and valued at aus$8500 but when they drove it they change their trade in price to $7k :-(

This is the best car I have ever owned w/o question and I have owned many both domestic and foreign. 76,000 miles (not as many as some here) but the only reapir wrong was an oxygen sensor and that was replaced under extended warranty. I read others comments about blown transmissions and other problems here and wonder about their driving habits. ??? This was my 5th Nissan and my 2nd Max. All the others were excellent as well. I just traded this car on a ...guess..... 32011 Altima they are that good!!! (Retired, didn't need a Max anymore).

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