1995 Nissan Maxima Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1995 Nissan Maxima

1995 Nissan Maxima Problems

The Check Engine Light may illuminate indicating a primary ignition signal fault. Many times the cause is an ignition coil(s) that has failed. The problem in the coil causes the spark energy to feedback through the wiring harness into the other coils. If this is not repaired, it can damage the other coils (blistering on the coils may be seen).

If the power steering pump develops leaks, it can drip onto the lower control arm bushing causing the bushing to deteriorate. A knocking noise will be heard when driving over bumps and it may become more difficult to control the vehicle.

Oxygen sensor failures are common due to fluid leaks from the power steering pump. The power steering pump typically leaks directly onto the sensor and causes the wiring to fail. If the leaks are not repaired when the oxygen sensor is replaced, the sensor will fail again.

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1995 Nissan Maxima Questions

When it wants to

i check the +postive wire in ckp,maf,injectors,coils, all of them was grounded,(after burn ecm).. if i remove the ecm the no grounded wires,i change the ecm in one turn the car start.. after several minute i put all the accesories, like airfilter and MAF sensor, itry to start to check again ecm b...

My car has been driving good until today. My husband was on his way to take it to O'reillys to buy some stuff when the car stopped. He tried to crank it and it won't start. The lights in the inside wont light up either. We have no radio and ac anymore. This is really weird and we have no ...

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1995 Nissan Maxima Reviews

my son inherited this car so I don't know alot about it. he has been driving it for about 1 year. recently we have had alot of problems. check engine light still on taking it in for repairs again! I feel like this will be a great little car once we get the kinks out

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