1993 Nissan Maxima Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1993 Nissan Maxima

1993 Nissan Maxima Problems

Engine performance problems due to crankshaft position sensor failure

The crankshaft position sensor can fail causing the engine to run poorly or it may crank but fail to start.

Coolant leak from threaded plug below camshaft

A coolant leak can develop from the front of the cylinder head that can appear to be a head gasket leak. There is a threaded plug just below the camshaft that may leak if there is corrosion present on the threads. Cleaning any residue, re-installing the plug with pipe thread (Teflon) tape, and torquing the plug to the specification typically repairs the leak.

Fuel Injectors May Leak and Cause Engine/Fuel Problems

The fuel injectors can develop leaks on some models, causing the engine to run poorly or to become less fuel efficient.

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1993 Nissan Maxima Questions

What is the estimated cost of an overall look to find out everything that could be wrong with my car? (1 answer)

Just bought the car not to long ago but, the car has a few minor things that show right away and a few that I know that are hidden and was looking to find how much it would be for a good look over.

what wood the cost be to replace a fuel hose (1 answer)

I have a gas leak as the hose is busted

the gear shift does not engage from reverse to drive and you have to pull down (2 answers)

on the gear shift again some time going around a corner
it will dis engage sounding like it has slip out of gear

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1993 Nissan Maxima Recalls

Nissan Recalls 1990-1994 Models Due to Problem with Fuel Filler Tube

Nissan has recalled 1990-1994 Maxima and 1990-1992 Stanza models because a mixture of mud and salt may get trapped between the fuel filler tube and wheel housing, which can cause corrosion. This can lead to fuel leakage and a possible fire. Also, the left rear seat belt retractor is mounted to the wheel housing, and in the event of significant corrosion, the mounting could fail in a vehicle crash. Dealers will inspect these vehicles and corrective action will be taken depending upon the extent of the corrosion.

Nissan Recalls Wheels on 1993-1994 Maximas Due to Excessive Coating

Nissan has recalled 1993-1994 Maxima models because the aluminum wheels were excessively clear coated, which can leave too much distance between the wheel nuts and the wheel hub. This can cause the wheel nuts to loosen over time, causing the hub bolts to break and the wheel to separate from the vehicle. Dealers will remove the clear plastic coating from the brake rotor mating surface on the back of each wheel and from the wheel nut mating surfaces. The wheels will be reinstalled and the wheel nuts tightened.

Nissan Recalls Air Bags on 1992-1993 Maximas

Nissan has recalled 1992-1993 Maxima models because in certain underbody impacts, the air bag sensor may activate and send a signal to the air bag, located in the center of the steering wheel, causing the driver's side air bag to inflate when it is not needed. This may result in minor injuries to the driver. A tunnel sensor of different design will be installed on affected vehicles.

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1993 Nissan Maxima Reviews

Owned one of these for years, and it took every sort of abuse I could throw at it. The Bose stereo died every couple of years, though. I had to do the front brakes, but not other big repairs. I even wrecked it twice and only had a little body work to do. Great car.

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