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2012 Nissan Frontier

2012 Nissan Frontier Recalls (Recent)

Electrical & Lights, February 12, 2014

RepairPal Expert Overview:

These trucks are being recalled because an electrical circuit breaker may have been incorrectly installed behind the lower left portion of the dashboard. As a result, a bolt may wear through the wire harness covering causing an electrical short circuit. This could result in a fire. Dealers will inspect and repair the wire harness and circuit breaker as necessary to correct this concern.

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Engine, December 19, 2011

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Some of the bolts that attach the engine oil cooler and filter to the engine may have been manufactured below specification strength. As a result, the bolt may break at the oil filter attachment point, which can cause an engine oil leak. Loss of too much engine oil can result in loss of oil pressure and the engine could seize, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the connector bolts to correct this concern.


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Suspension & Steering, October 2, 2012

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Certain vehicles may have been equipped with front wheel hubs that may not meet the design hardness specifications. A wheel hub that was manufactured below hardness specification may wear prematurely and eventually crack. If the vehicle is driven in this condition, the wheel hub may break, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash. Dealers will replace the left and right side front wheel hub assemblies to correct this concern.

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2012 Nissan Frontier Questions and Answers

lamarf, 2012 Nissan Frontier, Temecula, CA

I want to open the door without them activating, also would like to bypass the timer on the cargo lamp

kahles, 2012 Nissan Frontier, Clinton, TN

Dealer said this is normal for this engine 4.0L Auto.I have to disagree.

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2012 Nissan Frontier Reviews

I have a new 2012 Frontier 4x4 SL automatic now 5,000 miles. I noticed right away that when Ai would accelerate and/or trying to pass it will not up shift and the RPM's depending on my speed have gone up to 6,000 before coming out and only when it is ready. So after 4 months of getting the run around finally got Nissan Corp and they seemed to care..wrong. Our Nissan dealer went BK right after we bought it so had to drive 5 hours to the nearest dealer. Before test driving it we were told its the nature of the beast. So i took the tech for a spin, at 55 I stepped on it to pass another vehicle and it stuck at 6000 rpms at 90mph and still had not upshifted. So i let up on the gas and the tech said that is why it won;t shift you have to keep it down until the computer gets to the right speed?? Well at 100 it finally shifted the tach on the red line. Now this will also happen at lower speeds the tach sticks and the engine races until it decides to shift.

So I ask to drive another 2012 and it does the same thing. I drive back another 5 hours home call Nissan they do not as usual get right back with me, of course because they talk to the dealer first, and I get a once very nice person who has transformed herself into a cold now uninterested person who says.. this is what the specs are and we will note it.

We are heart sick, traded in our beautiful never a problem Murano as the warranty was up for a truck as we are now on a ranch and have 6 years to drive a car that will not shift. We live in logging country and have to pass and it will not upshift to go faster when passing and a scary thing when a semi with logs is coming at you while trying to pass. Not to say what its doing to our engine and transmission.

If anyone has any suggestions on what we can do to get this truck to shift please reply. i am 73 and have driven almost every car and truck out there and never had one that will not upshift most by just letting up on the gas.. drove a rental Ford Focus and no problem at all ...

Nissan said also until there are more complaints or failures they can do nothing. A death maybe or two and even them my faith in Nissan is gone. THANK YOU in advance for any help you can give us...

And just to note , I asked for this in writing and was told since it was a corporate thing they had to do some more stuff and they would mail it to me, have not got it yet.

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