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2001 Nissan Altima

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2001 Nissan Altima Problems

Engine -- Verified

The engine mount on the right side can wear prematurely and cause excessive engine movement.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The front struts can wear prematurely and create a knocking noise when driving over bumps.

Engine -- Verified

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An engine vacuum leak from theĀ  intake manifold gasket may cause the engine to misfire or have a rough idle which may also illuminating the Check Engine Light.

Engine -- Verified

The camshaft driven distributor can leak oil and cause a malfunction of the crankshaft position sensor. The engine may crank but not start or run very poorly.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to a defective canister vent control valve in the emissions control system.

2001 Nissan Altima Recalls (Recent)

Drive Train, February 23, 2001

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Nissan is recalling vehicles equipped with Firestone Firehawk GTA-02, size P205/55r16 89H tires. With increasing mileage, the tires may develop a crack in the shoulder area, which may lead to exposure of the belt edge. If the belt edge separates, a loss of tire pressure may occur. Bridgestone/Firestone will replace the tires that were installed as original equipment on these vehicles.

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2001 Nissan Altima Questions and Answers

sunkizz_05, 2001 Nissan Altima, Circleville, OH

my oils leaking around the spark plug box thing what do i need to do oil is everywhere under my hood and how can i get the oil off everything?

IZZYBL, 2001 Nissan Altima, Conklin, NY

My car was running fine. Went to start it and the battery light and break light came on.

caz, 2001 Nissan Altima, Burke, VA

Can I fix this myself? AC works fine but all the condensed water now leaks into the car! And, any idea of the cost if done at a repair shop?
Thanks so much!

terrell, 2001 Nissan Altima, Wake Forest, NC

How much oil is needed for the A/C compressor? 4cyl automatic

sabah mansoor, 2001 Nissan Altima, Spring Valley, CA

when i stop for example for one minutes or less in the traffic light the rpm come slow and vibrated up and down so i put my left foot on the brake and right foot on the accelater pad in order to in...

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2001 Nissan Altima Reviews

Very reliable. A few minor things but engine and transmission have been very reliable. I am at 165K. One common problem on this car is intake manifold gasket. When it fails, car idle rough at stop sings. Part is cheap but labor is high like $400 or more but this was the only expensive repair so I think I can live with it. Very low cost to maintain. Also fairly easy to work on for DIY people. I bought it new and I really want to see how long it will last. I think it will be a good used car to buy if you can find one. A little smller than most other midsize but bigger than compact cars.

Generally an ok car. Problems I've had are that 3 out of 4 power windows failed. Needed to have the air intake manifold gasket replaced at 65K ($700.00)

love my Altima - very dependable

Bought the car new and still have it today. I bought the 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warrantee when I bought the car and never missed a service.
The car now has 147,000 miles on it and, add a few road chips, looks like it did when I 1st bought it.
I cannot reccomend the Bumper to bumper warrentee enough !! I'll never buy a car without it. I notice the slightest difference and ask the mechanic and it gets looked at. Most times it is not a problem, but at least I get peace of mind. If something is wrong the dealership fixes it right away. AWESOME !!
At 94,000 miles they replaced the engine.. Something about a cracked cylinder wall. I read up on it and it is like super rare.. lucky me.. but at least I was covered.. not one dime from my pocket and I got a new engine.

Indomitable! The Nissan Altima just would not die. The engine has been no problems, the interior and radio are still working just great. No problems. Really reliable and low maintenance prices.

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