1996 Nissan Altima Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1996 Nissan Altima

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1996 Nissan Altima
$434 to $660
1996 Nissan Altima
$459 to $1,089
1996 Nissan Altima
$297 to $385
1996 Nissan Altima
$268 to $661
1996 Nissan Altima
$286 to $1,556

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An engine vacuum leak from theĀ  intake manifold gasket may cause the engine to misfire or have a rough idle which may also illuminating the Check Engine Light.

The camshaft driven distributor can leak oil and cause a malfunction of the crankshaft position sensor. The engine may crank but not start or run very poorly.

Failure of the ignition power transistor can cause a "crank-no start" condition.

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Po325 code shows. But no check engine light after replacing sensor. Smog tech guy says to look up drive cycles for my vehicle to clear monitors then bring back to get it smogged. How do i do this?

96' Altima GXE failed smog because it stalled during the timing portion of my smog test. Per the manufacturer, timing is checked with TPS disconnected. When the smog tech went to restart the engine after disconnecting TPS, engine stalled and was unable to continue with the test. The car, o...

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This car is horrible


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