2011 Mitsubishi Galant Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2011 Mitsubishi Galant

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2011 Mitsubishi Galant Problems

Rattle Nosie From Exhaust Heat Shield

A rattle type noise may develop from one of the exhaust heat shields. Replacement of the affected heat shield may be required to correct this issue.

Airbags may not deploy as expected

There have been reports of airbags not deploying in the event of a frontal impact. Some claim that a shorted airbag wire harness can cause this to occur. Unfortunately there is no diagnoses that will isolate this problem other than fault codes stored in the airbag control module. Our technicians recommend to have any airbag light issues diagnosed and repaired in order to help ensure the airbags will deploy when needed.

Airbag light on due to faulty side airbag module

One or both side airbag modules may fail resulting in illumination of the airbag warning light. Side airbag modules determined to be faulty should be replaced.

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2011 Mitsubishi Galant Questions

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