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2007 Mitsubishi Galant
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A rattle type noise may develop from one of the exhaust heat shields. Replacement of the affected heat shield may be required to correct this issue.

The power windows may fail, often related to moisture inside the door. Affected components will need to be replaced. If possible some type of moisture protection could be added to try and prevent repeat failures.

It is not uncommon for the clear coat paint on black vehicles to develop white spots and begin peeling. In most cases Mitsubishi will not cover out of warranty repairs for this condition.

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I've been wanting to change it but I'm having trouble finding it. It's not directly under the vehicle so I think it might be behind the panel of the driver side. I have no idea where it is or how to get to it

problem has been about three day replace mass air flow sensor code p2100 show on monitor

I also have an amp and woofers hooked up could that be cause the problem.

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The attachment for the left fuel tank mounting strap may have been improperly formed, causing the metal to split. In the event the fuel tank is full and the vehicle is involved in a severe collision, the attachment bracket may break, allowing the fuel tank to drop down and possibly causing a fuel leak. Any fuel leak always increases the risk of a fire. Dealers will inspect the mounting bracket and perform repairs as necessary. This recall is scheduled to begin on September 20, 2008. The Mitsubishi recall number is SR-08-005.

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Wouldn't buy a Mitsubishi ever again due to the terrible workmanship of the employees at the dealerships when I brought mine in for a brake replacement.

Had problems with cat converter heat shield with vibrations. Also brake rotors pulsate. Tranny fluid gets burnt smell, changed fluid twice. Other than that its been a good car, bought new, now has 70K.

Not sure I would buy another Mitsubishi. I too like other have stero problems when it rains. The Dealer I bought it from Kerry, need to put their employees through a training on how to be nice to people. Service is a disaster. Took my car up to the Kerry dealer three times for three separate problems and all three times they did not fix the problem by the end of the day. Also brakes do not ...

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