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1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse Problems

Engine -- Verified

The engine may stall or develop a rough idle with the Check Engine Light illuminated and fault code 15 stored in the ECU. Our technicians tell us that the engine electrical grounds are critical, all 5 should be inspected and cleaned as necessary. An additional ground lead kit is also available which can be installed to help correct this condition.

Brakes -- Verified

A squeal or squeak type noise may be heard from the rear brakes on application. Our technicians tell us there is an updated rear brake pad shim kit which can help reduce this type of noise.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The manual transmission may become difficult to shift, this is commonly caused by binding between the synchronizer and the gear surface. Adding a special friction modifier to the manual transmission fluid will often correct this condition. If the problem persists revised synchronizer kits may be available.

Engine -- Verified

On 2.4L 4 cylinder engines a whining noise may be noted when the engine is cold and the rpm is in the 1800-2000 range. Our technicians tell us that most commonly this type of noise is coming from the engine oil pump. The repair is to replace the front case assembly and both the drive and driven oil pump gears.

Engine -- Verified

Carbon buildup on the top of the piston is common. Over time this can lead to symptoms varying from light ticking to knocking noises. Performing a fuel injector cleaning procedure can often help the condition by removing some of the piston top deposits.

1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse Recalls (Recent)

Drive Train, April 20, 1998


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1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions and Answers

livewire686, 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Ponca City, OK

I was sitting in my driveway letting my car warm up then it just died and wont restart

timmann, 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Nevada, IA

i am in the process of replacing the head gasket on my 92 eclipse. i have the head prety much torn down but i am told i need to take the cam's off as well. i have no idea how to do this.

mrbear49, 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Brady, MT

After thermostat opens on warm up, engines stops completely and suddenly; after letting rest, will do the same thing all over again

mjtalkalot, 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, Potwin, KS

His car will no longer go into 3rd gear, and getting hard to go into 4th gear.. Has been looked at my? people. - one seems to be able to figure out. Some say whole new tranny, few have said not a ...

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