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1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT

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1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

The transfer case may develop a leak from the output seal. Our technicians tell us that if the transfer case oil level becomes low severe internal damage will result. Any leaks should be promptly addressed and the oil level should be checked at regular intervals

Drive Train -- Verified

Tire size mismatch on all-wheel drive vehicles can cause the front and rear driving wheels to "fight" (driveline wrap-up) which can result in drive train failure. Our technicians tell us that original equipment size wheels and tires should always be used to avoid the issue.

Brakes -- Verified

The front brake hoses my crack when operated at full steering lock and suspension travel. If this occurs the affected brake hoses should be replaced to avoid a serious loss of braking efficiency.

1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT Recalls (Recent)

Drive Train, December 9, 2002


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1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT Questions and Answers

gerryb, 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT, w/o Turbo, Norwell, MA

How is the automatic transmission fluid level read? Is the car at idle or does the engine need to be turned off? If the engine is turned off then does the fluid need to be warm?

ren, 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT, Norman, OK

How do you change the three rear spark plugs and set the idle? Took to auto shop and they replaced plugs.

ernestniclas, 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT, 3.0L V6, Brooklyn, NY

i have 1996 mitsubishi 3000gt i buy the two weeks ago no check engine tight on after four check engine light come on code is throotle possition sensor i change it after that the check engine light ...

ernestniclas, 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT, 3.0L V6, Brooklyn, NY

i change the idel air control valve the light go off after is come back code said throotle position sensor in turn up the car the come back abain code said EGR i dont no what to do help me whit thi...

rffrench, 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT, 3.0L V6, Norman, OK

Cruise control was working fine then today I hit switch and light came on but CC would not engage when I hit the set switch.

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