2008 Mini Cooper Clubman Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman

2008 Mini Cooper Clubman Questions

What could be the problem for a "pulsing" feeling when accelerating and 1st gear (2 answers)

Stalled the car this morning, backing up and then going forward. The check engine light then turned on. It's done this before but when I come back to it, usually turns off. The car today felt like it was pulsing in first gear or whenever I step on the gas. The light went from being just a min...

when you change the battery, does everything then have to be reprogrammed? (1 answer)

We were told by the dealership that if the battery is removed than everything needs reprogramming which of course we would need rhe dealer to do but I sort of feel scammed? This cost $276.00 & was not covered under our extended wauranty.

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2008 Mini Cooper Clubman Reviews

I purchased a 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman for my wife I was thinking we were buying a tin can that would be a commuter car. I was apprehensive about this tiny thing and refused to drive or ride in it for the first six months. We were going to dinner one night and decided to drive "Frances Melanoma". What a nice, peppy, well appointed, sport-ish car!! I couldn't help but smile. My wife says she get...

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